Jazz Artists of Charleston Announces Launch of a New Brand “Charleston Jazz”

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New branding signals growth of key programs including the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, Charleston Jazz Festival and the Charleston Jazz Academy

CHARLESTON, SC – April 20, 2017 –  For the past 18 months, Jazz Artists of Charleston has been rapidly growing. The launch of a new brand signals the development of an expanded platform of programs that help the organization accomplish its mission:

To grow a local and global community for Jazz through performance, education and outreach while celebrating and preserving Charleston’s rich history in Jazz.


“Our new brand – Charleston Jazz – is an ideal name for our expanded programing which includes the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, the Charleston Jazz Festival, and the new Charleston Jazz Academy, said Mary Beth Natarajan, Executive Director of Charleston Jazz. It celebrates Charleston’s role in the history of jazz, and accommodates the branding of new programs we plan to add over the next 18 months.”

The brand’s graphic design symbolizes bringing people together through music and moving jazz forward as a progressive art form. The brand is now showcased on the organization’s new website at charlestonjazz.wpengine.com.

About Charleston Jazz:

Charleston Jazz is a non-profit organization with a goal of promoting musical awareness and education including the recognition and preservation of the history of jazz in the Lowcountry through performances, special events and educational outreach. Established in 2008 as Jazz Artists of Charleston, the organization has earned a reputation for presenting, producing and advocating for all things jazz and the artists who bring this music to life in dynamic ways. The organization manages the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, the Charleston Jazz Festival and the Charleston Jazz Academy.

About the Charleston Jazz Orchestra:

The Charleston Jazz Orchestra (CJO) is an 19-person big band led by Music Director, Charlton Singleton. The band is comprised of the crème de la crème of South Carolina jazz musicians and is an entertaining, educational and stellar example of the rich history and legacy of jazz in Charleston.  The CJO is in its 9th year offering a 6-concert subscription series and is known for its unique, enthusiastically received performances that contribute mightily to the ever-evolving Lowcountry arts scene.

About the Charleston Jazz Festival:

Established in 2014, the Charleston Jazz Festival is a 4-day festival dedicated to presenting a world-class celebration of jazz by creating timeless and creative productions that entertain audiences, stimulate arts education, foster economic growth and unite artists and audiences in Charleston. The 4th Annual Charleston Jazz Festival will take place in downtown Charleston from January 18 – 21, 2018 with performances by the world’s greatest jazz musicians. From legends of jazz to emerging artists, to Charleston’s most celebrated home-grown talent, artists of the Charleston Jazz Festival perform a wide range of styles including Swing, Salsa, Blues, Brazilian, the American Songbook and draw hundreds of jazz lovers to the Holy City.

About the Charleston Jazz Academy:

In the interest of elevating jazz musicianship and broadening the love of jazz in future generations, Charleston Jazz has recently brought the Leonard School of Music under its wing to create the Charleston Jazz Academy. The Leonard School of Music has played an important role in teaching music to young people in Charleston since 1945. Working in partnership with local schools, parents, and students of all ages, the Charleston Jazz Academy brings together highly motivated students in a collaborative and challenging environment to expand their repertoire and nurture the skills of improvisation.

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