Harry Staley

Harry Staley is an accomplished cybersecurity executive, business consultant, educator, and board member with more than 25 years of success across several areas, leveraging extensive experience in government, nonprofit management, information technology, and strategic business planning.

Staley is a valuable adviser for any organization looking to create and implement a technological strategy, an organization in need of IT leadership and guidance, block-chain technology, small businesses looking to develop a business plan or start a new business unit, and any organization looking to implement a data assurance program. He would be the person for any organization looking for organizational or board governance and leadership.His broad areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, strategy and business development, sales leadership, real estate brokerage, real estate acquisitions, business acquisitions, and overall business innovation and growth.

Throughout his executive career, Harry has held leadership positions with Prime Business Solutions, LLC, Anna D Foods, Inc., owner and operator of seven (7) McDonald’s restaurant franchises, president of the Black McDonald’s Operators Association (BMOA)-New York/New Jersey Region, and chairman/CIO at Omega Technologies.

Harry has served on nonprofit boards of directors at higher education institutions and community foundations.

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