In the interest of elevating jazz musicianship and broadening the love of jazz in future generations, Charleston Jazz has recently brought the Leonard School of Music under its wing to create the Charleston Jazz Academy. The Leonard School of Music has played an important role in teaching jazz to young people in Charleston since 1945.

Working in partnership with local schools, parents, and students of all ages, the Charleston Jazz Academy brings together highly motivated students in a collaborative and challenging environment to expand their repertoire and nurture the skills of improvisation.

Why Choose the Charleston Jazz Academy?

  • Over 70 years of experience teaching music to Charleston youth
  • Expert music instruction from many of Charleston’s finest teachers and performers
  • Instruction offered on a wide range of instruments
  • All students receive free tickets to the Charleston Jazz Orchestra concerts
  • Students can meet and learn from celebrity musicians who are visiting Charleston to perform with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra concerts or at the Charleston Jazz Festival

Contact Us Today

By Phone: 843-745-5908
By Email:

Charleston Jazz Academy
3005 West Montague Avenue, Suite 200
North Charleston, SC 29418

Music Education Offerings

Private Lessons at the Academy

The Charleston Jazz Academy offers private instruction on all band instruments, piano, and guitar. These weekly lessons are in 30 or 60-minute increments and are taught by instructors who are experts on their instrument.  All private lessons are provided at our North Charleston Education Center.

Group Lessons at the Academy

The Charleston Jazz Academy offers evening and Saturday group instruction at our North Charleston Education Center to students who wish to supplement their music education with group lessons.  Various levels of concert bands, jazz bands, and guitar and percussion ensembles are offered.  We presently provide concert, symphonic, and jazz band weekly for 90-minute sessions.  Guitar and percussion ensemble instruction times vary.  Beginner band students are given Saturday instrument sectionals twice monthly.

In School Group Lessons

Charleston Jazz Academy offers instruction at three private schools.  Our In School Group Lessons are offered twice weekly or after school.  We offer beginner and intermediate classes at each location.

  • Blessed Sacrament School,
  • Christ our King-Stella Maris School
  • Northwood Academy

Summer Band Camp

The Charleston Jazz Academy offers Summer Band Camp for beginner, intermediate, and jazz band students.  Summer camps keep band students in shape over the vacation, while at the same time giving them useful tools to help them transition to the next level of band performance. With classes such as theory, rhythm, sight-reading, technique, band, and new instrument, students have a more enjoyable transition into the new school year. Camps are also offered for guitar ensemble students.